Tony -


Thank you for a wonderful morning of fishing.   We learned so

much from you on how to fish for bass and were thrilled with the number

of fish we caught.  You were so pleasant and, as a guide, went above and

beyond.   We hope to see you again soon when we bring our boys to join us.


Bill and Nancy R.

Thousand Oaks, CA







Thank you for making Memorial Day such a memorable day for me and the boys. We are still enjoying our catch!


After getting to my Mom's we enjoyed our fish fried in light batter; Mom made her Caldo de Pescado; and my sister took some home for ceviche. Today I we had more fish on our george foreman grill and it was just fabulous!


Thanks again, I hope to send you some of my friends for fishing trips.


Kindest regards,


Ale O.






Thanks again for the great day on the lake and the Education of Casitas.


You are by far one of the best guides Rocky and I have spent time with on

the water. We both enjoyed your conversation and personality.


Rocky was really sincere when he extended our invitation to fish up in

Washington, I hope you take him up on his offer.


I will definitely call for some strategies next time I fish.


See you on the Water,







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